Which Studio Ghibli Heroine Are You Based On Your MBTI®?

The heroines behind each of the Studio Ghibli films are deeply unique and complex characters with different morals and strong personalities.

The heroines behind each of the Studio Ghibli films are deeply unique and complex characters with different morals and strong personalities. Many of the girls go through deep character arcs to become the strong yet kind-hearted heroes they become.

Because of their unique and intense personalities, it is easy to see which Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® matches to which heroine. The personality types are divided up between Introvert (I) and Extrovert (E), Intuitive (N) and Observant (S), Thinking (T) and Feeling (F), and finally Perceiving (P) and Judging (J). With specific combinations of these characters, personality types are formed, each fitting different people.

10. San – ISTP, The Virtuoso

San is a perfect ISTP as she is a master with unique tools that many of the humans she encounters along her journey are not. She is bold and practical and often results in violence since it is in her animalistic nature to do so.

Like an ISTP, San learns her new environments as she goes and doesn’t fret her lack of knowledge about any enemy or area, using trial and error reasoning rather than thinking things through. She does this when she attacks Lady Eboshi, who is surrounded by her own people who can support her.

9. Shizuku – ENFP, The Campaigner

Shizuku is incredibly enthusiastic about pretty much every new situation she encounters during Whisper of the Heart. She gets excited for herself but also for others and their adventures and dreams. Shizuku is incredibly creative, which is a good and needed thing for her dreams of becoming an author.

She is also constantly suggesting that people reach for their own goals as well. While this film may be one of Ghibli’s more underrated films, it actually does a lot to describe ideas that fit the Diplomats personality types (INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, and ENFP).

8. Chihiro – INFP, The Mediator

Chihiro is a perfect INFP, she is kind and has a certain way with people that goes unparalleled to other Ghibli characters. While Chihiro isn’t afraid to express her emotions (which would make many think she is an extrovert), she also needs time for herself and makes time (even while working in the bathhouse) to just be alone for a little bit and think.

Chihiro is always eager to help those in need, she is devoted to helping Haku and helps No Face, even after he attacks her. She may be a bit shy on the outside but has an inner flame, and inner passion, that was her drive throughout her adventure in the spirit world.

7. Kiki – ESTP, The Entrepreneur

Kiki is a literal entrepreneur in Kiki’s Delivery Service as she becomes the witch for a new town and has to go through the ups and downs of starting her own career. But she also totally fits The Entrepreneur, ESTP, personality traits.

She is extremely energetic and smart, having a special way with people that allows her to read right through them. She enjoys living life a little dangerously and seeks adventure and to prevent her life turning mundane.

6. Ponyo – ESFP, The Entertainer

Ponyo is all about enjoying her own life to the fullest, even if that means risking it and becoming seafoam. Ponyo is actually based on the original story of The Little Mermaid, in which the young mermaid falls in love with a human boy who must accept her, if not she’ll turn into seafoam and be one with the sea forever.

Ponyo is a lot more light-hearted than that, but the stakes are just as high. She is totally an ESFP, she’s spontaneous, energetic, and enjoys making those around her (herself included) as happy as possible.

5. Sophie – ISFJ, The Defender

Sophie is the best example of an ISFJ. She is courageous when she needs to be and totally comes into her own throughout the film, for the sake of her friends. She will do anything for her newfound family and friends inside of the moving castle, particularly Howl and Calcifer.

ISFJs are known as The Defenders, they protect their loved ones at all costs which Sophie does time and time again, jumping into dangerous situations in order to save those that she loves.

4. Arrietty – ISFP, The Adventurer

Arrietty, the young Borrower girl who lives in a much bigger house, was always curious about the outside world, the human world. She is a natural-born adventurer making her the perfect ISFP. She was always ready to explore new things, and even though it isn’t her peoples’ way of life, she was excited to get to know Sho, the human boy who resided in the “big house.”

Arrietty is able to take small and mundane household items and make it useful for herself, such as the small clip she finds and places in her hair. These traits totally represent the “unique” artist inside of every ISFP.

3. Sheeta – ESFJ, The Consul

Sheeta makes for the perfect ESFJ, she is extremely caring and kind, sociable, and grows more and more popular with the people as her film goes on. Sheeta makes friends very easily, like those with ESFJ personality types do, and is even able to make friends with those who had been hunting her down at the beginning of the film.

The pirates she was running from end up loving her due to her kind and loving personality.

2. Kaguya – INFJ, The Advocate

Kaguya is pretty quiet and mystical, much like an INFJ (The Advocate). Kaguya is incredibly idealistic and seems to live in her fantasies, where all her friends are able to play all day, every day, and never grow up.

She also is helplessly kind and tries to help those in need as much as she can, while still preserving herself. She comes up with brilliant ideas to distract her suitors and prolong her marriage process, due to the fact that she would rather marry for love, not money.

1. Nausicaa – ENFJ, The Protagonist

Nausicaa is totally an ENFJ, the Protagonist of MBTI®. She is an extremely charismatic and inspiring leader and princess to those in the valley of the wind. She seems almost fearless as she glides headfirst into danger in order to protect her home and her people.

Like an ENFJ, she is a natural-born leader.  Nausicaa takes great pride in helping those around her and attempts to help others see how they should be saving the forest, rather than killing it.

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