Which Studio Ghibli Movie Best Suits You, Based On Your Zodiac?

From warfare to love stories, there is a special Studio Ghibli for everyone, depending on your zodiac sign. Find out which one is best for you!

Studio Ghibli‘s ability to blend the beautiful with the touching has allowed the studio to flourish over the years. Fans love their ability to tell emotional stories in a powerful and unforgettable way. Studio Ghibli doesn’t shy away from the nitty-gritty of real life, and not all of their films have happy endings, though this adds to the potency of its stories.

From beautiful love stories and tragic tales that drive home the futility of war to jaunts into strange new worlds, Studio Ghibli has it all. There’s a Studio Ghibli film for every zodiac sign and every personality type.

12. Aries – Grave Of The Fireflies

Seita and his sister, Setsuko, live in the fearsome shadow of World War I. When their home is destroyed and their mother is killed, the siblings travel to the home of an aunt. After squabbling with her, the duo leaves and tries to make their way alone in a war-struck world.

Like the typical Aries, Seita is willful and not afraid to step up to a challenge, even when things look impossibly bleak. Grave of the Fireflies is one of Studio Ghibli’s most emotional movies, but Aries will nonetheless be impressed with Seita’s grit — even if his efforts aren’t victorious.

. Taurus – The Secret Life Of Arrietty

Arrietty and her family are tiny people who live in a crevice beneath the floorboards. At night, they sneak about and steal small objects and food. When their presence is discovered, Arrietty and her family find themselves in danger, no longer just from animals and birds, but also from the much larger humans.

Arrietty takes a typically Taurean approach to life, focusing on her home, tiny as it may be, and on obtaining resources. Taureans will be able to relate to Arrietty’s concerns after her home is discovered. Of all the signs, Taureans place the most emphasis on security, and they react very badly if the sanctity of their home is upset.

10. Gemini – Kiki’s Delivery Service

Geminis tend to be quick-witted and communicative people who like to keep busy. They usually have many different projects occurring simultaneously, and like Kiki in Kiki’s Delivery Service, they can sometimes take on a bit too much, too soon.

Trainee witch, Kiki, starts a business, delivering goods by broomstick. Kiki is inexperienced as both a witch and a delivery person, and her first delivery is a disaster, which discourages her. It’s only when she helps out with a desperate situation that she realizes her own potential.

9. Cancer – When Marnie Was Here

Anna, in When Marnie Was Here, harbors resentment towards her biological family, blaming them for dying and leaving her alone in the world. When Anna suffers a frightening asthma attack, her adoptive parents take her to a seaside town to recover. Anna befriends a mysterious girl named Marnie, who changes Anna’s life forever.

Cancers, with their preoccupation with family, may identify with Anna. In typical Cancer style, Anna bottles up her emotions and keeps her true feelings about her family hidden. Like Anna, Cancers adopt a tough front to mask their feelings, and most will understand Anna’s complex emotions throughout the movie.

8. Leo – Princess Kaguya

Leos have passion in droves and are fascinated by power, leadership, and, surprisingly, love. They are the kings and queens of the zodiac. They may enjoy Princess Kaguya, a film packed full of matters of the heart.

Princess Kaguya, exiled to earth for breaking rules on the moon, falls in love with a boy named Sutemaru. When Kaguya’s beauty captures the emperor’s eye, Kaguya faces a difficult decision – return to the moon and be stripped of her earthly memories and never see Sutemaru again, or remain in her mortal existence and live out her days with the emperor.

7. Virgo – Princess Mononoke

Prince Ashitaka is cursed after killing a demon. As the curse spreads throughout his body, he travels to find a nature spirit who can undo the curse. However, a government agent tricks him into leading him to the forest spirit. The agent wants to kill the spirit and deliver its head to the emperor, conferring ultimate power onto the emperor — a move that will destroy nature.

Virgos have an affinity with nature. They are also orderly people who take pleasure from rendering the disordered into the ordered. In Princess Mononoke, nature itself is being threatened. Analytical Virgos will find the pursuit of order in the movie intriguing and will be rooting for Prince Ashitaka to restore both nature and himself.

6. Libra – Ocean Waves

Librans love all things pertinent to relationships, diplomacy, and love. They tend to be focused on maintaining balance in all areas of their lives. Librans may like Ocean Waves, a film that explores what happens when lives become unbalanced and relationships go wrong.

When a new girl named Rikako starts at their school, both Taku and his friend, Yutaka, are infatuated with her. However, Rikako’s life is a mess. With feuding divorced parents and a bad ex-boyfriend, Rikako comes with a lot of baggage. As her baggage spills into Taku’s life, Taku finds himself at odds with his best friend, culminating in a bitter fight.

5. Scorpio – Spirited Away

Besides being one of Studio Ghibli’s most beautiful moments of animation, Spirited Away is also one of the most otherworldly. Scorpio, a sign often fixated on the unseen elements of existence and with the occult, will be swept away by the movie’s exploration of a strange world full of sorcery and spirits.

When Chihiro’s parents are turned into pigs, she goes in search of the spell that will change them back into humans. Spirited Away is inspired by folklore to tell its enchanting tale, which will appeal to the Scorpio’s fondness of all things obscure and strange.

4. Saggitarius – Whisper Of The Heart

Inspired by her creative new friend, Seiji, Shizuku begins to take her creative writing forays seriously. As her writing begins to distract her from other areas of her life, Shizuku’s family becomes upset with her. Shizuku, nonetheless, writes a powerful love story, which she presents to Seiji, who then tells her the real story of the two lovers.

Sagittarians aren’t afraid to explore new territory, whether that territory is mental or geographical, and neither is Shizuku. The writer’s life is new mental terrain for her, but just like a Sagittarian, Shizuku is determined to succeed. Her creativity and ability to tell a good story will also appeal to Saggitarians, who love hearing good stories as much as they like telling them.

3. Capricorn – Howl’s Moving Castle

When Sophie of Howl’s Moving Castle is magically transformed into an elderly woman, she goes in search of a reversal spell. She joins the household of Howl, a wizard, and tries to communicate her predicament to him. However, the spell disallows her to mention the true cause of her old age. As she travels with Howl and his curious household, she becomes involved in his complicated life.

Capricorns are the born-old-grow-young sign of the zodiac. They possess an austere nature in their youth which gradually erodes and allows their offbeat sense of humor to shine through. Although Sophie’s transformation is literal, she is akin to many Capricorns in personality: serious, old before her time, and stubborn. Capricorns will relate to Sophie’s headstrong ways, and to her cool and collected approach to a potentially disastrous problem.

2. Aquarius – Pom Poko

The tanuki of Pom Poko are magical creatures whose forest land has been reduced due to building developments. Resources are becoming scarce, causing in-fighting. The tanuki must stop the developers from further damaging the wilderness or risk extinction.

The fighting spirit of the tanuki perfectly embodies the typical Aquarian personality. As the most egalitarian sign of the zodiac, Aquarians are not afraid to defend the downtrodden, even in the face of a much more powerful enemy. Seeing the tanuki stand up to the developers will warm the hearts of Aquarian viewers, who may recognize elements of their own nature in their actions

1. Pisces – Ponyo

Ponyo lives underwater in fish form but decides that she wants to be human. While on the land, she meets Sosuke, a human boy, and as she grows closer to him, she finds herself becoming increasingly human-like. Her father is displeased with her desire to become human and demands her return, but Ponyo wishes to remain on the land.

Ponyo is concerned with transcending familiar environments and searching for belonging – as are Pisceans. The Piscean temperament is intuitive and emotional. As a character, Ponyo exemplifies these traits herself, relying on her intuition to guide her towards an entirely new plane of existence, as do many Pisceans.

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