Studio Ghibli MBTI®: Which Beloved Ghibli Character Are You?

Studio Ghibli’s anime films are packed with relatable characters. Here are MBTI’s 16 personality types represented by Ghibli’s iconic characters.

Studio Ghibli films are packed with fantastical narratives, interesting characters, and beautiful scores. For many, certain films bring out nostalgia for the wonders of childhood and endless expanse of imagination.

With characters so life-like in personality and quirks, its easy to identify with a broad spectrum of protagonists. After careful consideration, we’ve sorted 16 Studio Ghibli characters by their Myer-Briggs type labels. See the list below to see which Studio Ghibli character you are.

16. Taku (Ocean Waves): Logistician – ISTJ

Taku Morisaki is the reliable protagonist and narrator of 1993’s Ocean Waves. He recounts his life from the day he first met Rikako Muto in junior high, to the day he sees her again in Tokyo on his way back to university. He leaves no details out, even when it might make him look bad – such as his involvement in the love triangle between himself, Rikako, and his best friend Yutaka Matsuno.

Taku’s friends and classmates rely on him to speak out against the injustice of a canceled school trip, to provide small loans, and to convince others out of making rash decisions.

15. Taeko (Only Yesterday): Advocate – INFJ

Taeko narrates her trip to the countryside and her intersecting memories from youth in Only Yesterday. Though born and raised in Tokyo, Taeko holds a special affinity for the countryside – a source of confusion for her mother and sisters. She often introspects on small moments, learning more about herself and her position in the world.

Taeko admires the simplicity and straight-forward life of the country. She holds the ideals of this life dear and ultimately commits to fully immersing herself in it.

14. Seiji (Whispers Of The Heart): Architect – INTJ

Seiji Amasawa is a young man who knows what he wants, and the steps he needs to take to get to his goal. His passion for making violins is matched only by his determination to prove himself worthy of his dream.

Like his methodical approach to becoming a bonafide violin maker, Seiji develops a strategy so he can finally meet Shizuku in person; namely, reading every kind of book in their school’s library so that she would see his name on the library cards. It takes a healthy dose of imagination to see things the way Seiji does.

13. Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle): Protagonist – ENFJ

Howl is a charming wizard in Howl’s Moving Castle. He is outgoing and expressive, especially in his outward appearance. He can intuit the desires and motivations of others and fights for what he believes in; specifically, stopping the use of magic in warfare.

Both Howl’s magic and sense of freedom are mesmerizing, and his use of one to support the other is what makes Howl a Protagonist. That, and the fact that once he has decided to trust someone, such as Sophie, he trusts in them completely.

12. Klio (Porco Rosso): Virtuoso – ISTP

Porco Rosso‘s Klio is a plucky engineer who doesn’t let the ongoing war, age, or gender define her. She rebuilds Porco’s machine from scratch, with modifications and improvements that satisfy even the stubborn traditionalist Porco.

Klio is bold in her assertions and confident of her skill, but knows she can learn much more with experience. She matches Porco’s traditional male responses with level-headed practicality that far out-reaches her age.

11. Pazu (Laputa: Castle In The Sky): Consul – ESFJ

Pazu is constantly going around and fixing things in LaputaCastle in the SkyHe might be easy to write off as a handyman, but to do so would be to ignore the extraordinary care he shows for people (or pigeons).

Pazu’s bleeding heart is most apparent in his willingness to sacrifice himself alongside Princess Sheeta to save the world from those who would use Laputa’s resources for evil. Even though his presence makes no difference to the spell’s success, Pazu knows that he can help the Princess by just providing support.

10. Shizuku (Whispers Of The Heart): Mediator – INFP

You might know Shizuku as the anime girl featured on several Lofi-music streaming channels on YouTube. This isn’t far off from her cannon characterization – once she sets her mind to write her story (the eponymous Whispers of the Heart), she is relentless.

Shizuku’s poetic tendencies are immediately highlighted as she translates Country Road into Japenese for her school’s choir team, and refined through much soul-searching and research.

9. Seita (Grave Of The Fireflies): Entertainer – ESFP

Seita’s greatest performance in Grave of the Fireflies was giving his sister Setsuko the illusion of stability. Throughout the entire film, Seita repeatedly goes to great lengths to protect Setsuko from the reality of war. He performs gymnastic stunts, tells stories, and provides fruit drops for his sister even as they become orphaned and homeless.

Seita’s outgoing, confident personality is brought into sharp focus when he has something precious to provide for.

8. Tatsuo Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro): Campaigner – ENFP

The dad in My Neighbor Totoro is Satsuki’s and Mei’s biggest champion. At every turn, he encourages their interest in the world and the unseen, as well as their interpretations of it. Whereas other adults might disregard Satsuki’s and Mei’s fantastical stories, Tatsuo seems to relish in it and play along.

Even when faced with bad news, such as his wife’s protracted stay in the hospital, Tatsuo can find a reason to smile by looking forward to the day she will return, appreciating their new home, and in his daughters.

7. Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service): Entrepreneur – ESTP

There is no busier body than Kiki of Kiki’s Delivery Service. Endlessly eager to start her independent journey, she sets off on her own and doesn’t look back. Upon landing in a new city she knows nothing about, she almost immediately manages to find long term accommodation and a job.

Although still somewhat naive as a 13-year-old, Kiki has the ability to form connections with a vast spectrum of people.

6. Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle): Executive – ESTJ

Sophie is an excellent administrator and top-rate manager. She is able to manage a curse from the Wicked Witch of the Wastes, the moody and mysterious wizard Howl, and his trapped fire demon Calcipher.

Additionally, Sophie manages to transform Howl’s moving castle with her organizational skills, turning it form a shoddy house to something that resembles a home for a chosen family.

5. Lady Eboshi (Princess Mononoke): Commander – ENTJ

Princess Mononoke‘s Lady Eboshi is as bold, imaginative, and strong-willed as it gets. When no path out of the brothels existed for the women of Iron Town, she made one. When society shunned the lepers, she found a place for them in her garden.

Lady Eboshi shows time and time again that she is willing to take whatever steps necessary to maintain the life that she’s created for those in her care, even if it means going to war.

4. Sparrow Hawk (Tales From Earthsea): Logician – INTP

Tales from Earthsea‘s Sparrow Hawk embodies the attributes one would expect from the highest-level sorcerer in the land. After spending much of his life wandering the land and acquiring knowledge about the realm, he is able to see the world clearly and is thus keenly aware once its balance begins to tip.

Sparrow Hawk intuits based on noticeable patterns and uses this information to help guide Aaron to where he needs to be.

3. San (Princess Mononoke): Defender – ISFJ

Armed and dangerous to the teeth, San is dedicated to protecting her wolf pack and way of life. She chooses her found family of wolves over a chance at human life with Ashitaka, putting her family above all else.

To protect them and the forest they live in, San puts her pride aside to fight with the wild boars. Again and again, she chooses her loved ones and her home.

2. Shoukichi (Pom Poko): Debater – ENTP

This honest raccoon from Pom Poko always tries to see things from the other side. Even when humans move into his family’s territory and clear his forest in order to make urban developments, he tries to play the devil’s advocate and ask where else the humans should live.

While grappling with a dwindling population and forest area, Shoukichi is able to see the bigger picture and integrate into human society to provide for his family.

1. Chihiro/Sen (Spirited Away) Adventurer – ISFP

Although shy at first, Chihiro has a strong sense of wrong and right and will bring attention to where she sees inequality. Even if she is afraid at the moment, her conviction in what she has to do propels her into motion.

While in the spirit world, Chihiro breaks taboos, spells, and bad behaviors, elevating the quality of life of those around her.

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