Howl’s Moving Castle: 10 Pieces Of Fan Art That Are As Magical As The Movie

Howl’s Moving Castle was a triumphant Studio Ghibli picture, and here are 10 amazing pices of fan art that celebrate the magical movie.

Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle is a beautiful piece of animation. The characters have been uniquely conceptualized and brought to life and the elements of magic and wonder are serene and lively. With something that is already so captivating and creative, is it possible for fan art to give a grand enough tribute?

The answer is yes, always yes. The movie itself is based on the novel of the same name by Diana Wynne Jones. These 10 artists have gone ahead and made stunning interpretations of the Studio Ghibli film.

10. Laundry Day

A moving castle offers so many opportunities for travel. Something as simple as washing laundry could be accompanied by a view as magnificent as the mountains. Inside the castle, there is a door with portals. These portals can be changed to have different locations behind them. With that feature, as well as the advantage of a moving residency, it’s a dream come true.

9In The Clouds

Howl’s castle defies gravity. A tumbling balancing act of wood, brick, and metal atop of four spindly legs. How does it work? By little Calcifer’s puffing breath and energy. Nestled in the fireplace and fragile to elements beyond his flame, Calcifer is the heart of the castle.

It is easy to imagine the castle leaping through the clouds and bounding elegantly on mountain tops. But, really, who needs to imagine when this piece of art exists to make it real?

8. Light & Shadow

Soft yet vibrant, this artwork is so very simple. The distinguishing features of each character are easily identifiable such as Sophie’s pink ribbons, gray hair, and blue dress, Howl’s blond locks and bold outfit, and Calcifer’s bright eyes. Floating with magic, it feels carefree and lighthearted despite the shadows that deepen and darken within, building an element of mystery.

7. Howl’s Heart

The moment Howl saved the terrified falling star from its death has been beautifully captured by this artist. The style is purposely different from the Miyazaki version. This artwork is like that of a dream and described as otherworldly. The array of bright and glowing colors is in contrast to the dark shading, which has been gently touched by the light and lit afire.

6. Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl’s castle is a work of magical genius. It’s a clutter and a mish-mash of odd and wonderful things that, when placed together, are in a delicate balance. Of course, it wouldn’t be able to stay together as one whole without the heart of the home and the heart of Howl, Calcifer. This artist has made a glorious scenic piece of fan art with the castle as its centerpiece, and in the shadows of this architectural giant is a trailing Turnip-Head.

5. A Magical Silhouette

This artwork is a beautiful synergy of colors and a tribute to the light and dark within Howl and Sophie. The castle was dirty and gloomy, and secrets lay at rest there. But then Sophie appeared and disturbed the normalcy with her cleaning and lively spirit. In the process, she accepted herself and changed the lives of those around her. The only person capable of saving both Howl and Calcifer.

4. Howl’s Demons

In Hayao Miyazaki’s interpretation of the first novel in the Howl’s Moving Castle series by Diana Wynne Jones, there is a war. The war is only mentioned in passing in the book, while it is a central theme in the movie.

Howl has his demons. If he continues to transform and fight in the war with his wizarding powers he will be consumed by the darkness. This piece shows the two sides to Howl before and after his transformation.

3.Sophie & Calcifer

Sophie floats in the night sky among the shooting stars. She is holding Calcifer while his flame lights her clothing and face. It is a truly stunning piece of artwork. This image of Sophie saving Howl and Calcifer by separating the two is parallel to the moment Howl saves Calcifer from his death by making a deal with a demon and giving his heart.

2. Howl & Sophie

Howl is known in the lands as the Eater of Hearts, something Calcifer and Markl spread around themselves so they would be left alone. Of course, Howl doesn’t literally eat hearts. The phrase was taken from something the aunts of those who Howl left broken-hearted would say.

Howl is afraid he won’t be able to find love or courage and that he won’t be able to save himself and will forever remain cursed, but then Sophie comes along and saves him before the darkness and his deal with his demon destroys him.

1. The Witch Of The Waste

This interpretation of The Witch Of The Waste is spellbinding. The array of colors chosen to represent The Witch are captivating and blend together magically. This rendition has moved away from the movie’s character and is closer to the description given in the book. Although The Witch is less of a threat in the movie, she is the biggest threat to Howl in the novel and dooms him with a curse so he will always be drawn to her.

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