Grandparents Make Cute Totoro Bus Stop

In Kyushu, Japan, a married couple wanted to celebrate turning seventy the best way possible: with a giant Totoro.

Turning seventy years old in Japan is koki (古希), the word referring to the fact that in the past the milestone was rarer than today. To mark the birthday, the couple wanted to do something for their grandchild and other children.

The grandfather has worked as a plasterer for fifty years and decided to put those skills to use, creating a cement version of the Studio Ghibli character from My Neighbor Totoro.

As the town of Takahara explains (via My Modern Net), it’s possible to visit the sculpture. There are even now three parking spaces, making it’s easier to access the Totoro.
The sculpture is on private property, so visitors should definitely be on their best behavior.

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