China’s Official Studio Ghibli Posters Are Excellent

Spirited Away finally be officially released in Chinese movie theaters eighteen years after the movie first came out in Japan. To promote the release, artist Zao Dao created some truly wonderful posters.

Via 2ch, have a look:

Last year, My Neighbor Totoro was released in China, which was thirty years after the movie was originally released.

South China Morning Post reports that a total of five Studio Ghibli films are getting their long overdue releases in China: My Neighbor TotoroCastle in the SkyPrincess MononokeSpirited AwayHowl’s Moving Castle and The Wind Rises.

“Due mostly to long-standing political tension between China and Japan, none of Miyazaki’s works had been screened in the country before,” SCMP writes. “Rampant video piracy, however, means that many Chinese people are already familiar with them.”

Radii China points out that since 2016, there has been an official Studio Ghibli store in Shanghai.

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