Which Spirited Away Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away is one of their most popular films. We’ve matched the characters in the movie to the Zodiac signs.

As Studio Ghibli’s most famous work, Spirited Away has become a cult classic in anime and adventure movies alike. This tale focuses on a ton of Japanese folklore which adds a slightly eery twist. While Spirited Away is an adventure, romance, and fantasy film, there is an air of horror due to the setting being in the spirit world.

The characters are dynamic and are completely loveable. Even the antagonists aren’t truly evil, a quality in which Hayao Miyazaki seems to excels at. As Chihiro descends into the spirit world, she meets new and strange creatures and people. Some seem drawn to her due to her unique personality (and the fact that she is a human) while others turn away from her. The characters and their interactions are all amazing, there is a reason this is the highest-rated Ghibli movie, and it is thanks to them. Which character would you be based on your Zodiac sign?

12. Aries (March 21-April 19) – Dragon Haku

Dragon Haku somehow acts a little differently than human Haku. He seems more courageous and brave, willing to jump into action for Chihiro. When he is given a curse by Zeniba, he doesn’t cower away from flying to her house anyway to pick up Chihiro. Dragon Haku takes action whenever he needs to, a trait in which Yubaba abused when she made him her pawn.

11. Taurus (April 20-May 20) – Aogaeru

Aogaeru has a smaller role in the film due to the fact that he is eaten by No Face about halfway through and isn’t spit up till near the ending. But in the limited time viewers did see him, they learned a lot about his personality. Aogaeru is a pretty hard-worker due to his obsession with money. He is extremely materialistic and will do anything for a few pieces of gold. Because he stubbornly searches for any little pieces he can find, he is tricked and eaten by No Face to gain a voice.

10. Gemini (May 21-June 20) – Boh

Boh was one of the more complex characters in Spirited Away due to his drastic character change. Originally he wanted all the attention and was cold-hearted, not willing to understand other’s struggles (which makes sense considering he is a baby.) He was selfish. But after his transformation into a mouse and travels with Chihiro, he learns to be compassionate. This duality is extremely similar to the duality of the Gemini, making him the perfect fit for that sign.

9. Cancer (June 21-July 22) – Lin

Lin is extremely caring. When Chihiro first meets her, she comes off as a bit cold, a bit of a hard exterior that resembles the crab’s shell. But once Chihiro warmed up to Lin, Lin revealed that she is just really focused on making money in order to leave the bathhouse.

Lin wants to escape, she wants to take the train as far as it’ll take her. But she puts her dreams aside and helps Chihiro whenever she needs it. Like a true friend, she also helps Chihiro in the bathhouse whenever she needs it, gives her the train ticket she was saving for herself, and threatens to kick No Face’s butt if he does anything to Chihiro. She is the perfect display of a Cancer.

8. Leo (July 23-August 22) – Zeniba

Zeniba originally seemed to be an identical replica of her sister, Yubaba. She was aggressive towards Haku and seemed like maybe she would be another villain but with different goals. However, after Chihiro travels to her and meets her officially, Zeniba shows nothing but kindness and compassion for the travelers. She is a perfect Leo. She’s confident (and knows she’s better than her sister). She’s courageous and has a warm and loving heart.

7. Virgo (August 23-September 22) – Haku

Haku is an extremely hard-worker. So much so, that due to Yubaba’s deal, he has forgotten his own identity. But Haku is also kind and gentle, especially to Chihiro, and as Lin comments, maybe only to Chihiro. He stays very loyal to Chihiro throughout the film and, while working for Yubaba, remained loyal to her. Haku seems like he may have a difficult time opening up but definitely can once he becomes close and comfortable enough with someone to do so. He seems close to Chihiro, and to Kamaji.

6. Libra (September 23-October 22) – Kamaji

Kamaji makes for the perfect Libra. While he doesn’t verbalize his opinions too much, it is easy to tell what he is thinking by his actions. He learns to care for Chihiro super quickly and risks a lot in order to save her. He believes in a sense of justice, that Yubaba deserves to be reprimanded a little bit for how she treats her employees and the deals she forces upon them. While it may seem like he enjoys being alone, he constantly has companions. Lin often visits him and he is always with his Soot Sprites.

5. Scorpio (October 23-November 21) – No Face

No Face is completely and utterly driven by his emotions, to the point when he doesn’t really know when to stop. Chihiro showed No Face lots of kindness early on in the film which leads him wanting to return the favor.

But, like a Scorpio would, he gets a little more than carried away and becomes violent with his actions. He displays signs of jealousy when Chihiro focuses on other people rather than him. But after his episode, No Face becomes a good friend, determined to help Chihiro in her endeavors.

4. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) – Chihiro

Chihiro actually appears twice on this list. Once as herself, before she makes the deal at the bathhouse, and later as Sen. Chihiro goes through such a large character development through this film that it makes total sense to have her listed as two signs. Chihiro wasn’t necessarily that brave at the beginning of the film, but she did seek out adventure. While her parents were eating, she took it upon herself to wander around the “abandoned amusement park.” Chihiro is also big in achieving her goals and will stop at nothing until she does. She pushes her fear aside to push past her comfort zone and reach her intended destinations.

3. Capricorn (December 22-January 19) – Yubaba

Because of her obsession with money, and getting every little bit from the bathhouse that she can, Yubaba has some kind of deep connection and focus on the material world, which forces her to lose sight of the bigger things that matter. Yubaba is the main antagonist in this film, but viewers have a sense that she’s not actually evil. She just loves money. She doesn’t treat her employees the best as pretty much all of them have some kind of deal where they are forced to be there. This being said, Yubaba is pretty responsible for her staff and protects them whenever situations become too dangerous.

2. Aquarius (January 20-February 18) – Soot Sprites

The Soot Sprites in Spirited Away make for a perfect display of Aquarius. Aquarius-born are typically either shy and quiet or eccentric and emotive. The Soot Sprites are both. When they first appear they seem to be a bit warry of Chihiro’s presence in their workspace. But after a few moments, they ignore her completely to continue their jobs. The Soot Sprites show a range of emotions and while they originally didn’t really like Chihiro, they soon learned to love her and take care of her belongings when she wasn’t around and love helping her when they can.

1. Pisces (February 19-March 20) – Sen

Chihiro as Sen, and everything she learns about herself during her time as an employee at the bathhouse, makes for a perfect Pisces. She easily makes friends with people and wants to help them as much as possible. She also listens to others’ woes, allowing them to vent to her when needed. Pisces make for great friends, always willing to lend an ear to listen and always trying to make their friends happy. Sen is extremely compassionate about everyone she meets, like the River Spirit who was mistaken for a Stink Spirit. He saw her compassion and kindness and so left her a gift of appreciation. This compassion makes her goodbye at the end of the film that much harder.

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