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Anime Dragon Ball Z Son Gohan Kamehameha 17CM

Bardock w/o box
Goku w/o box

Dragon Ball Z Goku & Bardock Figure 22CM

1 Star no box
1 Star with box
2 Star no box
2 star with box
3 Star no box
3 star with box
4 Star no box
4 star with box
5 Star no box
5 star with box
6 Star no box
6 star with box
7 Star no box
7 star with box

Dragon ball Z Crystal Ball Big Size 3 Inch(7.5CM)

buu box
buu opp
cell box
cell opp
frieza box
frieza opp
goku box
goku opp
Krillin box
Krillin opp
new goku box
new goku opp
piccolo box
piccolo opp
Trunks box
Trunks opp
vegeta box
vegeta opp

Dragon Ball Z Pop Collection Figures 1Pc/lot

gold blue no box
gold red no box
gold red with box
green blue no box
green red with box

Dragon Ball Z Shenron Figure


Dragon Ball Z Son Gohan Super Saiyan Figures 25cm

Without Box
without box 1

Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Genki Dama Spirit Bomb 24CM

Only Figure No Box
With Color Box

Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Kid Figure 13cm

No box

Dragon Ball Z Stars Crystal Ball


Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan SonGoku


Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Vegeta Battle Figure 15Cm

No box
With box

Dragon Ball Z The Vegetto Figure * Vegeta And Kakarotto * Merge Collection 26CM