Giant Totoro Plush 30 to 80 CM

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Imagine how fun it would be to have your very own  Life Size Totoro Plush Toy This lovable Forest Guardian from My Neighbor Totoro would be a great present for yourself… or your favorite Studio Ghibli fan.

This Totoro is SOOOOOO big! It can even be used as a piece of furniture! Curl up on Totoro’s lap on those bad days…. and everything will be ok.

The rest of these huge stuffed Totoro’s are cuddly and soft, and they always wear a huge smile.  The perfect thing for your bedroom or dorm room, to keep you happy and feeling safe and protected. Everyone knows that when Totoro is around, nothing bad can happen. Gentle Totoro makes a fierce ROAR and keeps the bad away!

You can even use it as a Totoro Pillow! And have a restful nap like Mei did when she found him in the forest. Just don’t fall in when he snores!

Never be alone again! Totoro will keep you company day and night! These huge Totoros are perfect for hugging!